Festschrift for Professor Leon J. Osterweil

Engineering of Software: A Tribute to Lee Osterweil

Tuesday, May 24, 2011,  8:30AM-5PM,  followed by a reception

Location: Hibiscus 1&2

Leon OsterweilSoftware engineering research can trace its roots to a small number of highly influential individuals. Among that select group is Prof. Leon J. Osterweil, whose work has fundamentally defined or impacted major directions in software analysis, development tools and environments, and software process. His exceptional and sustained contributions to the field have been recognized with awards from ACM SIGSOFT for research and education.

This Festschrift celebrates Lee's achievements with a day-long series of talks by prominent members of the community. The presentations will examine the influence of Lee's work in the areas of flow analysis, software tools and environments, and software process. Speakers currently scheduled include:

Scheduled Speakers

Jonathan Aldrich Eric Bodden Barry Boehm
Lori Clarke Matthew Dwyer Carlo Ghezzi
Volker Gruhn Takuya Katayama Dewayne Perry
Barbara Ryder Wilhelm Schaefer Zhendong Su
Richard Taylor  Qing Wang

At the end of the day, Lee will present a response and his thoughts on the future of software engineering research. The event will conclude with a celebratory reception for all registered attendees.

Attendees will also receive a copy of a new book produced in honor of this special occasion: Engineering of Software: The Continuing Contributions of Leon J. Osterweil. The book, published by Springer, compiles his most important published works to date, together with several new articles exploring the broad impact of his work.

The book is available for purchase by those unable to attend. Prior to the event, please contact either Peri Tarr or Alex Wolf for information.

Festschrift Schedule

08:30 Welcome and Introductions
  Speakers: Peri Tarr, Alexander Wolf
09:00 Software Tools and Environments
  Speakers: Lori Clarke, Dewayne Perry, Richard Taylor
10:00 Break
10:30 Flow Analysis
  Speakers: Matthew Dwyer, Jonathan Aldrich, Eric Bodden, Barbara Ryder, Zhendong Su
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Software Process
  Speakers: Stanley M. Sutton Jr., WIlhelm Schaefer, Carlo Ghezzi, Volker Gruhn, Takuya Katayama, Qing Wang
15:00 Break
15:30 The Future of Software Engineering
  Speaker: Leon J. Osterweil
17:00 Reception


Organizers:  Peri Tarr and Alexander L. Wolf
Area coordinators:  Lori Clarke, Matthew Dwyer, Wilhelm Schaefer, and Stanley M. Sutton Jr.