A Framework for the Integration of User Centered Design and Agile Software Development Processes

Dina Salah
University of York, UK

Agile and user centered design integration (AUCDI) is of significant interest to researchers who want to achieve synergy and eliminate limitations of each. Currently, there are no clear principles or guidelines for practitioners to achieve successful integration. In addition, substantial differences exist between agile and UCD approaches which pose challenges to integration attempts. As a result, practitioners developed individual integration strategies. However, success evaluation of current AUCDI attempts has been anecdotal. Moreover, AUCDI attempts cannot be generalized to provide guidance and assistance to other projects or organizations with different needs. My thesis aims to provide a Software Process Improvement (SPI) framework for AUCDI by providing generic guidelines and practices for organizations aspiring to achieve AUCDI in order to address AUCDI challenges including: introducing systematicity and structure into AUCDI, assessing AUCDI processes, and accommodating project and organizational characteristics.