ICSE 2011 Social Media

The social media co-chairs for ICSE 2011, Sue Black and Ken Anderson, with help from student volunteers and guest bloggers will be updating two blogs throughout the conference. One blog will be devoted to the conference in general (http://icse2011.posterous.com/) while the other will focus on ICSE's workshops (http://icse2011w.posterous.com/). The main blog will provide information on interesting conference events, feature interviews of ICSE attendees and organizers, and provide pointers to conference-related topics.

Information on the conference will also be posted on Twitter via the @ICSEConf twitter account. We encourage attendees to tweet about the conference and to tag those tweets with the hashtag #icse2011. That hashtag will be monitored throughout the conference and the most interesting and/or most relevant tweets will be retweeted by ICSEConf and featured on the main conference page.