Learning to Adapt Requirements Specifications of Evolving Systems

Rafael V. Borges, Artur D'Avila Garcez, Luis C. Lamb, and Bashar Nuseibeh
City University London, UK; UFRGS, Brazil; The Open University, UK and Lero, Ireland

We propose a novel framework for adapting and evolving software requirements models. The framework uses model checking and machine learning techniques for verifying properties and evolving model descriptions. The paper offers two novel contributions and a preliminary evaluation and application of the ideas presented. First, the framework is capable of coping with errors in the specification process so that performance degrades gracefully. Second, the framework can also be used to re-engineer a model from examples only, when an initial model is not available. We provide a preliminary evaluation of our framework by applying it to a Pump System case study, and integrate our prototype tool with the NuSMV model checker. We show how the tool integrates verification and evolution of abstract models, and also how it is capable of re-engineering partial models given examples from an existing system.