Model-based Performance Testing

Cornel Barna, Marin Litoiu, and Hamoun Ghanbari
York University, Canada

In this paper, we present a method for performance testing of transactional systems. The methods models the system under test, finds the software and hardware bottlenecks and generate the workloads that saturate them. The framework is adaptive, the model and workloads are determined during the performance test execution by measuring the system performance, fitting a performance model and by analytically computing the number and mix of users that will saturate the bottlenecks. We model the software system using a two layers queuing model and use analytical techniques to find the workload mixes that change the bottlenecks in the system. Those workload mixes become stress vectors and initial starting points for the stress test cases. The rest of test cases are generated based on a feedback loop that drives the software system towards the worst case behaviour.