SE Research Grants and NSF "Broader Impacts": NSF Changes and SE Researcher Strategies

When: Friday, May 27 2:00PM
Location: Coral Ballroom 2
Panel Abstract:

In January 2011, President Obama signed the America COMPETES Reauthorization Act into law. The Act asks the NSF to apply the Broader Impact review criterion to achieve a number of societal goals and to implement a plan for achieving this within six months of the Act becoming law. Thus, NSF has been mandated to take Broader Impacts even more seriously than before. The clock has been ticking since January, and by the time ICSE is held, NSF's procedures will be only two months away from changing. This session's goal would be to define the five different ways the criteria can be fulfilled (only one of which is outreach), with many examples and strategies that should be easily within the comfort zones and means of almost any US software engineering researcher.

A good collection of Broader Impacts information:

Margaret Burnett, Oregon State University
Lori Clarke, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Sebastian Elbaum, University of Nebraska
Bill Pugh, NSF
Organizer: Margaret Burnett