Perspectives of Delegation in Team-Based Distributed Software Development over the GENI Infrastructure

Pierre F. Tiako
Langston University, USA

Team-based distributed software development (TBDSD) is one of the single biggest challenges facing software companies. The need to manage development efforts and resources in different locations increase the complexity and cost of modern day software development. Current software development environments do not provide suitable support to delegate task among teams with appropriate directives. TBDSD is also limited to the current internet capabilities. One of the resulting problems is the difficulty to delegate and control tasks assigned among remote teams. This paper proposes (1) a new framework for delegation in TBDSD, and (2) perspectives for deploying Process-centered Software Engineering Environments (PSEE) over the Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI) infrastructure. GENI, the “future Internet” that is taking shape in prototypes across the US, will allow, in the context of our study, to securely access and share software artifacts, resources, and tools as never before seen over the current Internet.