What Industry Wants from Research

When: Thursday, May 26 10:45AM
Location: South Pacific 1&2
Panel Abstract:

Half of the people who attended the first ICSE in 1975 came from industry, but by 2010, industry participation was less than 20%.  This lack of participation hurts both sides: researchers have fewer insights on the problems that are important to practitioners, while practitioners fail to learn what researchers have already discovered that might be useful to them.

Since the publication of "Making Software" in 2010, editor Greg Wilson and the other organizers of this panel have sought to close this gap between industry and research.  We started by interviewing leading practitioners in industry to find out what questions they want answered, and what kinds of answers they will find compelling as evidence.  At this panel, representatives from the software industry and professionals that straddle the line between research and practice will use the findings from our interviews as a starting point for discussion and will explore how to bring theory and practice back together.

Lionel Briand, Simula Research Laboratory
Tatsuhiro Nishioka, Corporate Software Engineering Center, Toshiba Corporation
John Penix, Google
Wolfram Schulte, Microsoft Research
Peri Tarr, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center
David Weiss, Iowa State University