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complete all fields below to apply as a student volunteer. All starred fields are mandatory and must be filled in before your request can be processed.

Applications cannot be changed after submission. Please, carefully review your information before submitting your student volunteer application. 

Please describe, using a maximum of 2,000 characters, the reasons why you would like to be a student volunteer at ICSE 2011.

Select the degree that you are working toward.

At how many conferences have you served as a student volunteer? Please list each conference and the year in which you were a student volunteer.

Are you fluent in English?

What times will you not be able to work for each day from 21 May 2011 to 28 May 2011?

Have you submitted or have an accepted paper/poster/demo to the main ICSE conference, any workshop, any co-located event, or the Doctoral Symposium? If Yes, please indicate where you sent your submission.

The e-mail account should belong to the university Internet domain. For example, or are acceptable, but or are not.
Your academic advisor must e-mail a letter of recommendation to the Student Volunteers Chair at by January 30, 2011. This letter should cover your organizational ability, English proficiency, and willingness to help others. Please note, this letter MUST originate from the e-mail you indicated for your advisor in this field.

Will you require a letter to assist in getting a visa to attend ICSE?

REQUIRED. Accepted formats: txt, pdf, doc, docx. Maximum size: 800KB. Please include your last name and first name in the uploaded filename following this format LastName_FirstName. e.g. Schmidt_Joe.doc

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