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ICSE 2010 AD-134

For our 3rd keynote presentation, Bob Balzer from Teknowledge Corporation and one of the founders of the USC Information Sciences Institute will be reflecting on directions and challenges involved in using COTS. Today’s final issue of WOW brings you the usual assortment of reports. Instead of enumerating them, I’m using my space on my own thanks. First, I want to thank ICSE 2002 General Chair Will Tracz for once again entrusting to me the tradition that WOW has become. I hope I, with the help of my great WOW staff, have succeeded in adding to your ICSE memories. (Lori Clarke hopes so too, since she asked me last year to lead WOW at ICSE 2003! I‘m recruiting staff now? Most importantly, I need to thank my dedicated WOW staff. Special thanks for particularly energetic and creative newspapering endeavors go to four staff members – WOW veterans (andOhio State students) Nigamanth Sridhar and Jason Hallstrom, Debora Weber-Wulff (VFH Berlin) who walked in the WOW door by surprise on Tuesday and did every conceivable job including chaperoning & mentoring even me, and Yuanfang Cai (U. of Virginia student) who reinvented herself almost daily, doing whatever was needed from reporting to proofreading to data entry and finally photographer. Thanks to all!