Jan Jürjens

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  • Technical Briefings Presenter


Jan Jürjens is Professor for Software Engineering at Technical University Dortmund (Germany), Scientific Coordinator "Enterprise Engineering" at Fraunhofer Institute for Software and Systems Engineering ISST (Dortmund), and Senior Member of Robinson College (Univ. Cambridge, UK). He is Scientific Director of an Integrated Project financed by the EU. He has been PI of various projects, often in cooperation with industry (e.g. Microsoft Research (Cambridge)). Previous positions include a Senior Lecturership at Open University (UK), a Royal Society Industrial Fellowship at Microsoft Research Cambridge and a non-stipendiary Research Fellowship at Robinson College (Univ. Cambridge). Jan holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Computing from University of Oxford and is author of "Secure Systems Development with UML" (Springer, 2005; Chinese translation 2009) and various publications mostly on software engineering and IT security, totaling over 2000 citations.


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