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  • Technical Briefings Presenter


Corina Pasareanu, PhD, is a senior researcher at NASA Ames Research Center, in the Robust Software Engineering Group. She is affiliated with Carnegie Mellon University, the Silicon Valley campus. At Ames, she is investigating the use of abstraction and symbolic execution in the context of the Java PathFinder (JPF) model checking tool-set, with applications in test-case generation and error detection. She is also working on automating assume-guarantee compositional verification, using automata learning techniques. Together with her colleagues, she has developed Symbolic PathFinder, a symbolic execution tool for Java bytecode that is built on top of JPF. Symbolic PathFinder has been used at NASA, in academia and in industry. Corina is an Associate Editor for the ACM TOSEM Journal and she is the co-chair for the 26th International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (2011). Corina has published numerous articles in the areas of software engineering and formal methods and she has served on program committees for conferences such as ICSE, FSE, ISSTA, CAV, ASE, etc.


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