Ivan Mistrik

Ivan Mistrik

Independent Consultant/Software Scientist

ICSE 2011 Roles

  • Software Engineering in Practice Track Program Committee


Ivan Mistrík is an independent consultant and researcher in software-intensive systems engineering. He is a computer scientist who is interested in software engineering (SE) and software architecture (SA), in particular: life cycle software engineering, requirements engineering, relating software requirements and architectures, knowledge management in software development, rationale-based software development, and collaborative software engineering. He has more than forty years’ experience in the field of computer systems engineering in multiple domains as an information systems developer, R&D leader, SE/SA research analyst, educator in computer sciences, and ICT management consultant. In the past 40 years, he has been primarily working at various R&D institutions and has done consulting on a variety of large international projects sponsored by ESA, EU, NASA, NATO, and UN. He has also taught university-level computer sciences courses in software engineering, software architecture, distributed information systems, and human-computer interaction. He is the author or co-author of more than 80 articles and papers in international journals, conferences, books and workshops, most recently a chapter Capture of Software Requirements and Rationale through Collaborative Software Development, a paper Knowledge Management in the Global Software Engineering Environment and a paper Architectural Knowledge Management in Global Software Development. He has also written over 90 technical reports and presented over 70 scientific/technical talks. He has served in several program committees and panels of reputable international conferences and organized a number of scientific/technical workshops, most recently two workshops on Knowledge Engineering in Global Software Development at International Conference on Global Software Engineering 2009 and 2010. He has been a guest-editor of IEE Proceedings Software: A special Issue on Relating Software Requirements and Architectures published by IEE in 2005 and a lead-editor of the book Rationale Management in Software Engineering published by Springer in 2006. He has been a co-author of the book Rationale-Based Software Engineering published by Springer in May 2008 and a lead-editor of the book Collaborative Software Engineering published by Springer in March 2010. Currently, he is an editor of the book Relating Software Requirements and Architectures and a lead-editor of the Expert Systems Special Issue on Knowledge Engineering in Global Software Development.


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